Book Review - Seven Habits

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
by Stephen Covey

What an amazing book! If you haven't read this, you need to! With amazing insight into life and the principles by which we should live it, Stephen Covey opens up gem after gem of life and the secrets to living it. This book has become a foundational part of our company culture and I recommend it highly both professionally and personally.

It is hard to pick one point out of a book like this and say that it was the main point. Although Stephen goes through seven habits that will change your life, I almost wish the name of this book did not have the words "seven habits" in it. Whenever I see a book like with a title like that I am tempted to shrug my shoulders and roll my eyes thinking, "Here is another self-help book with loads of habits that no one can master, much less understand."

However after having this book recommended to me, I got the audio version and couldn't stop listening! Stephen goes through each habit in a masterful way, building a foundation of understanding and insight concerning life and then leading you to a conclusion. From each conclusion issues a keen realization for the need of an induring habit. With an amazing thought process and many personal illustrations, Stephen Covey masterfully crafts a tool for life. This book will long occupy a treasured spot on my bookshelf!

Josh Cochran


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Josh Cochran, RCDD

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