Business Continuity Defined

The term 'Business Continuity' is used to convey the idea that in the event of a disaster, your business can continue in a way that doesn't disrupt your ability to operate. You may think that by backing up your important files and folders you are protecting your business and that in the event of a disaster you'll be able to continue business as usual.

However, in most cases, business owners and managers have not been informed and educated on the time it will take to restore these important files and have them available to use. Understanding the time it will take to restore data and reconfigure servers/computers is paramount in developing a plan that maintains business continuity. 

Understanding what the impact of a disaster on your business is vitally important. This is why Diverse CTI approaches backup and disaster recovery from the view of business continuity.

Important Questions

Because backups take time to restore and many files need a server environment to run in, there are many misconceptions about backups. Here are some important questions you need to ask the person in charge of your backups.

  • What is the plan for restoring our core business files?
  • How long will that process take?
  • In the event we lose our servers, what will we restore our files to?
  • How long will that take?
  • Will we need to reinstall operating systems on new servers/computers?
  • What other configuring will need to be done to prepare new servers?
  • What is our time line for that?
  • How will we run in the mean time?

Asking these questions and more will help bring to light holes in your backup and disaster recovery plan.

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