The Truth about Data Integrity

5 Questions to ask your Online Backup Provider

Competition is fierce in the exploding online backup industry. With so many providers, whom can you trust with your priceless data? You have a responsibility to yourself, governing agencies and your clients to securely manage and store information online.

Finding a place to backup data is easy these days, but discerning which provider can get back the verifiably correct data all the time every time is much harder. Slick websites and smooth-talking salespeople are no help here. This questionnaire will help you discover the empirical facts you need to make a decision on which online backup provider you can trust.

Question 1 - Which established standards do you follow for your cryptography?
In the complex world of cryptography, following well-established standards is the only sure path to safety. An excellent example is the proprietary GSM A5/1 cell phone encryption algorithm, which was subsequently broken. Another risk is that even if the encryption algorithm itself is standardized (such as AES), if the use of that algorithm (called cipher mode) does not follow standards, it is subject to serious flaws. For example, one provider used AES in CTR mode, but chose to deviate from the NIST 800-38A standard and re-used the IV, causing their solution to become vulnerable to known-plaintext attacks. Ask about standards with respect to the following...

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