How to Buy a Telephone System

How to Buy a Telephone System

Why is your phone system so important? It is the front door to your business. Take a moment and stop to think about what the real front door to your business is. Most likely 100% of your customers get to your business through your phone! Most likely, not one stitch of the daily business you conduct does not pass through the phone. Furthermore, although other electronic forms of communications such as email are quickly becoming staples of communication, they still don't equal the power and personal touch that a phone conversation can give.

Consider another point. When you purchase something, what are you really buying? Or let's state that in another way, what are you really wanting when you purchase something? Chances are what you desire are the results of what that purchase will yield. When you purchase a digital camera for instance what you really desire is the pictures that it is going to produce. On a deeper level what you really want is the memories. You don't want to forget those precious moments that happen in your life. Let's also consider a piece of home gym equipment. Do you really want a huge unwieldy piece of workout equipment taking up space? Or is what you really desire, the fit body, with toned muscles, and no spare tire? Most likely it is the latter!

What we all really need is a personal trainer, a consultant. Someone we can trust to tell us what we need to do and to push us in a healthy way to do the right thing and to make the right decisions. Someone who will be there along side to continually provide the motivation and information for us to achieve our goal. Someone who has skin in the game and wants us to achieve our goal as bad as we do! This brings us to the first step of purchasing.

Step 1: Find a company that is a consultive partner.

Any company worth its salt should be a consultive partner to its customers. A company that is doing well and is successful has no need of a pushy, overbearing, constantly closing method of sales. A consultive partner is someone who is focused on a long term relationship. The purchase of the equipment is just a means to achieve the final result. Furthermore, a consultive partner is a personal trainer. Someone who is there long after the purchase of the equipment or "gym membership" to encourage, advise, and help facilitate the results.

As with any major purchase you make of any type of technology, education is the key. Many times we just don't take the time to learn what we need to know because we are just to busy. Small business owners especially are very busy running their business making tough decision about where to spend their time. But taking some time to educate yourself on the differences between products is a wise investment. And that has never been more true than when you are buying a telephone system. A company that is a consultive partner is willing and able to spend the time to educate their clients on features and benifits of all the different options.

Step 2: What is the result you want to achieve?

To many times companies are to concerned with selling a certain type of equipment or solution. This is due to the fact that they are not focused on the result. It is good to see a demonstration of a certain type of equipment, but a large part of the time needs to be focused on information gathering and determining what the results of implementing a solution need to be. Using the digital camera example, a sales person just shows camera after camera after camera hoping to dazzle you with features until you buy something. But a consultive partner has an entirely different approach. He may show you a couple of cameras but he is asking questions about what kind of pictures you will be taking and lighting conditions and so on to determine what camera you need. He is focused on the result that you want. The same method applies for business telephone systems. What are the results you want to achieve?

Step 3: Maintain an ongoing relationship

Many of us walk away from our purchases thinking that we have achieved the result when in reality we have only secured the means by which we will later achieve the result. What we really need is an ongoing relationship with the company that we have chosen that will provide us with the support, expertise, training, and knowledge to help us reach our goals. Real consultive partners are companies that realize that results don't happen overnight and offer ongoing programs and partnerships to help their clients reach their goals and achieve results. These programs should include ongoing training for your staff, moves and changes within your business, programming and software upgrades, and ongoing consulting to make sure your business is on the right track.

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