Leadership - The Power of a Decision - Part Two
Leadership - Discovering Your Decision Making Strengths and Weaknesses

I heard somewhere that setting priorities and scheduling priorities is like putting rocks, stones, pebbles, sand and water in a bucket.  If you begin with the water, the sand, stones or pebbles you eventually will not be able to fit in the larger rocks without taking something out.  However, if you begin with the bigger rocks and work downward in size everything will fit.
Let's look at some important sample decisions and prayerfully evaluate yourself on which areas you actively set goals and make decisions and which ones you don't.  In reality we live one integrated life.  We work at our job to fund our other priorities including God, family, personal, vocational, etc. so I believe we should consider them all at once.  This isn't a test. Don't grade yourself.  Don't get introspective.  Don’t be condemned.  This should only help identify some areas you can begin to affect by making some prayerful decisions.  
Big Rocks - Core Priorities
-    Do you have a relationship with God?
-    Do you call on His name vigorously, and enjoy Him?
-    Do you spend time with Him everyday in the Bible, praying, fellowshipping?
-    Do you have a reading plan to get through the Bible every year or two?
-    Are you in a church life where you can function in your measure to build up the body of Christ?
-    Are you bearing fruit?
-    How is your relationship with your wife, kids, family?
Stones - Roles and Goals
-    Do you know what your calling is - what you're supposed to do with your life?
-    Are you doing what you do best every day?
-    Are you actively involved in fulfilling your calling?
-    Do you have a written exhilarating, motivating life plan?
-    Have you made a bucket list - the list of everything you hope to accomplish before you die?  
-    Is your bucket list written down?
-    Does anyone important to you know what is on your bucket list?
-    Are they helping you accomplish your bucket list?
-    Have you dealt with your past?
-    Is there someone you need to forgive?
-    Is there someone you need to ask to forgive you?
-    Are you carrying a grudge?  
-    Do you have a clear sky?
Pebbles - Fueling your Purpose
-    Do you have the practice of always reading something?
-    Are you being mentored?
-    Are you mentoring someone else?
-    Are you recreating enough? (don't take this lightly)
-    Are you having fun? (don't take this lightly)
-    Are you eating properly?
-    Are you exercising properly?
-    Do you have a personal written financial budget associated with your life plan?
-    Do you run your expenses against your budget every month?
-    Do you regularly save money?
-    Are you planning for retirement?
-    Do you have a calendar and live by it?
Sand - Things not Related Directly to Purpose
-    Do you have a hobby - avocation - something to positively distract you from your work?
-    Do you get away regularly enough to engage yourself in your hobby - avocation?
-    Are you visiting your extended family enough?
-    Are you engaged enough with your close friends?
-    Do you know what chores you are responsible for?
-    Are you keeping up on your chores?
Water - Leftover Moments
-    Are you saying yes when you should to help a neighbor?
-    Are you generous to those in need?
-    Do you have time to veg?

Things to Understand about Making Decisions
  1. Measure your successes not your failures.  Self condemnation is counter productive.  It paralyses.  

  2. Measure incremental successes toward a major success.  If you set a goal to run 10 miles by the end of the summer, you probably should not begin by running 10 miles.  You might need to begin by walking a half mile.  This is incremental success toward a major success.  You should feel good about getting started and are on your way to the big goal.

  3. Don't despise the day of small things. Making a decision that will affect one minute everyday to build a new habit or practice will have an amazing cumulative effect that will change your life.  For example, if you decide to begin to pray for one minute three times a day, this will revolutionize your life.  If you decide to make a one minute phone call to encourage someone once a day, this will revolutionize your life.  If you decide not to say anything that isn't absolutely true, this will revolutionize your life.  

  4. You can't focus on everything at once or everything will be blurry.  Ask the Lord to make your eye single.  Really we only need to look at Christ.  Purposing to simply be one with Him in every decision we make.  In many cases, He is only concerned with one thing.  Look at that one thing with Him.

  5. We are all a mess.  We aren't strong or capable in our natural man - but Christ is.  Fellowship openly with Him regarding the part of your heart He wants to come into.  Let Him breathe life into this area.

  6. Don't try to keep your commitments alone.  Christ is your committing power.

  7. Carry out the decision with Him, by Him, loving Him, and in oneness with Him.

  8. A major decision requires supporting decisions to be made.  If you decide to change the time you get up, you must also decide to change the time you go to bed.  

  9. Decisions require ongoing commitment.  For example, you must decide every night to stop your activity and go to bed.

  10. Decisions require motivation which come from a solid link to a purposeful life plan.   We are as motivated as we will ever be when we see the purpose in what we are doing.  The reason we don't follow through on some decisions is we don't believe in the purpose.  The higher the purpose the higher the motivation.  If decisions have an eternal basis that we relate to in reality we will be motivated to carry them out.  

  11. Decisions mean change for the better.  Don't focus on the risk.  Focus on the outcome.  

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