One Note
As I have mentioned in my previous articles, technology should be something that enhances the human way of business not replace it with something that detracts from the relationships you have created with customers.  This is even more true when it comes managing a team of people as well. Many software’s and computer programs offer all kinds of solutions for managing teams and employees. Some of which are fantastic and some of which are terrible! Here is one of my recommendations.

One Note

This is a fantastic piece of collaboration software. This program is setup to emulate a notebook/scrapbook. Multiple notebooks can be created and not only can you put all kinds of notes into to it but you can put pictures, files, and links in as well. You can customize the notebooks with tabs and pages and even group tabs all under another tab. The coolest thing about this is that you can share these notebooks with other people. Put the file on your server and invite them to share the notebook with you. Then any changes you or they make synchronize with your version automatically.

This software is especially useful when working with team on different projects that require a lot of collaboration. It also allows each person to work on the notebooks offsite and then sync all of the changes perfectly when that person gets back onsite and connects back to the server. We use this software for keeping meeting minutes and to-do’s for projects. Onenote also integrates with Outlook for keeping track of to-do’s among other things. In addition to all of this, all of the content is searchable and when loaded on a tablet pc allows for writing hand written notes as well.

Other functionalities include a tagging system that allows you to use predefined flags and tags to mark different content. You can highlight, flag, and star comments and notes and then filter by just those types of tags at a later time. It also allows you to come up with customized tags that can mean whatever you want.

In conclusion I will say that as with all technology you need to come up with some "best practices" and establish them. Working with a company who can help with this is great. Finding someone to partner with that has experience in tailoring technology to your type of business can cut down on the amount of time and mistakes needed to implement a solution.

Josh Cochran