Software Spotlight: Personal Brain
Do you ever struggle with organizing the myriad of information on your computer? How about you old school folks? Ever feel your filing system for thoughts and ideas is limiting? Perhaps you go about life with all your ideas and thoughts just shelved away in your brain with a photographic memory, but the rest of us - we have a lot of information that's just kind of "out there."

I can hear what you're thinking - "So what?" Well, what I want to know is this: Does your method of organization help you do your job? Does your method of organization bring you a step closer to connecting with family, friends, coworkers or customers? Does your organizational scheme allow instant access to documents or files stored deep within multiple folders on your computer? Ha-ha! I've got you now!

One of the many wonderful things about our human brain is that we link everything we know together. When I think of an apple, I think of caramel apples, apple pie, green apple candy, autumn bonfires, lat year's company pig roast and of course keeping the doctor away. All this from looking at the apple on my desk! All my thoughts and all my ideas are linked together - each thought connected to others in an endless stream of associations. Imagine a software that allows you to link all your files, internet bookmarks and documents together!

With Personal Brain you can link a great news website with multiple customers who would love to hear about the site the next time you talk with them. You can link order forms or quotes with multiple customers, or with multiple product offerings. You can even link family members with different events happening in the future, birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, and graduating classes. As your files and documents become thoughts, you will find associations between thoughts that you wouldn't have seen before. You may find out that a great customer of yours has a similar interest with another company you are associated with. Each file, or thought, can be associated with multiple thoughts, creating an endless web of connections that allow you to connect with people around you. All this and more can be created in your very own Person Brain. Download for free at For more information on how personal brain has helped me, or some suggestions for starting your very own brain, send me an email at

Jesse Spencer