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It's Not Business, It's Personal
Through the years as ever evolving technologies are being poured into our society with the promise of making our lives easier and better, inevitably we fall farther and farther away from the personal contact with people that allows us to conduct business. In a knee jerk reaction we invest in and utilize more technology to bridge this widening gap only to discover that our investment has cost us in precious minutes of direct contact with our customer.

 Isn’t technology supposed to enhance our lives and bring us all closer together making it easier to do… well everything? Well it does. But at first it does the exact opposite. We find a technology such as voice mail and everyone can see how it will be able to change the way  we communicate in a revolutionary way. At first, as we all try to implement this new technology, a wedge gets driven between us and our customers for a myriad of reasons. Maybe we don’t know how to use it properly, or maybe our customers don’t know how to respond to it. Maybe we haven’t developed the habit of checking our voice mail and returning our calls in a timely manner. Possibly our greeting is cold and impersonal and leaves our callers not wanting to leave a message. Eventually the reason for bringing the voice mail system into our business becomes the reason to take it back out! 

Thankfully if a certain technology is worth its salt, it sticks around and becomes integrated into our culture and everyday life.  This only happens after people have figured out how to use it to enhance the human way of doing things. The different ways this process can be aided are many, but one of the most successful ways is to enlist the services of an expert in the industry. These experts should be leading the way by identifying the best ways to use technology and then helping you establish a best practice in the workplace. 

The second hurdle to clear then becomes the diversion of all of these different technologies; when all of the technology we have begins to split and become many different things. A great example of this is your local computer network. In the beginning computers were networked together simply to share information. Soon there were servers, then the internet, websites, search engines, email, blogging, My Space, and on and on and on. At this point the problem has become learning how each of these different technologies can benefit you, how they may harm you and then managing them to maintain the effectiveness of each one. 

This means that the need to educate yourself or your employees on these emerging technologies and to remain in control of these technologies becomes an altogether different task than it has been in the past. An emerging and effective solution is to use a company with a consultative and partnering type of approach that has mastered the integration of all of these technologies.   Keeping up on all the best solutions, avoiding the pitfalls of each, not to mention integrating of all of them together, can become a full time job in itself and you might find yourself blazing a trail alongside a paved four lane divided highway that is already in place for you. Consultative companies are not companies that just implement or install technology. They are companies that understand the impact, the result these technologies need to have on your business. Their implementation goes far beyond selling you the technology you asked for.  A good partner will discover your needs, report how he plans to solve them, give you a price and then implement the solution with a specific checklist you and he have created.  Interview possible partners like they were a prospective employee to make sure they understand they will become a partnership with you with the goal being to implement a well designed solution producing a lasting result.  You might prefer paying a smaller toll to use a road rather than buying the whole highway if the outcome gets you to the same place quicker.

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