The Noticer

Andy Andrews has certainly done it again! If you've never heard of Andy Andrews, I think you should start with his New York Times best selling book The Traveler's Gift.

The Noticer is a captivating story centered around a character named “Jones.” Jones is a Noticer.  He helps people gain life-changing perspective when they are on the brink of collapse - simply through pointing out the obvious! Many of our biggest challenges and hardships in life come from simply having the wrong perspective on our situation. I sure didn't have any real appreciation for perspective, before reading this book, but now I have a whole new outlook on life through this eye-opening book.

Andrews communicates clearly how perspective can guide us to achieve seemingly impossible results in our lives. This book is like a textbook covered in fine cashmere. It's a deceivingly easy read that should be pulled off the shelf at least once a year to gain some healthy perspective.

The Noticer is a great book to use in facilitating team growth. The Reader's Guide in the back of the book will guide healthy and lively discussion.



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