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Leadership at it's highest levels is still interpersonal leadership - Trust is still the largest factor

Being not Doing - Our constitution more than our analysis and advise.

Whether you are a manager or a leader most people respond to shepherding them - caringly listening, coaching, casting vision, etc.

Jesus perfect Shepherd

Nicodemus and the Woman at the Well - John chapters 3 and 4

We are all a mess.

People try to be open but because of self consciousness we hide even from ourselves.

Reality Bombs

No condemnation, no judgment, no belittling

Attach them to God.  Even if you never use His name.

We must be constituted with God to offer God as a person to others



Last week

Eric - the development of my personal constitutionServanthood.


Larry Henson - I gravitate to people who share themselves.  Open, caring, non hiders, not the motivational speakers.


Patrick Kelly - A leader embraces accountabilityExperience, the calm in the storm, embrace conflict.  Resolve


Guy Madison - I have several guys who come together for accountability.  But Jesus didn't come to be served but to serveIntegrity,  keeping your word even when it hurts.


Gary Saunders - Accountability - I created a group of about 6 people to become my board of directors with whom I was completely transparent.


Patrick Spaan said he followed people he would go to war withHe didn't respect people who spoke out of their depth.



I gather from this that when it comes to leadership, we need to see a person whose constitution is trustworthy of following. 


Who do you not trust?  Setting the stage with a person who is apparently going where you are going...

  • A hot head - someone who is easily angered, not patient, not willing to


  • A critical person - someone who is prone to expose your faults instead of coaching you, directing you, supporting you


  • An egotistical person - someone who is for themselves disguised as a generous, or caring, or helpful person.


  • A person with


What are the elements of Trust?

  1. Integrity: This is a deal breaker if you don't have it completely. When it comes to governance, Brennan said, he "never did anything or asked anyone to do anything he couldn't go home and explain to his kids."
  2. A deep understanding of the business: "You can't fake it. People will know." While you don't need to know every detail, you do have to have a good grasp of the business.
  3. Consistency: While keeping things fresh is important, leaders cannot change direction frequently. They will lose people's confidence.
  4. Willingness to admit a mistake: Everyone makes mistakes. If you're not making any, you're not doing your job right. But Brennan emphasized the importance of admitting your missteps -- otherwise people will not respect you.
  5. The ability to listen: Good leaders must be willing to handle opinions contrary to their own and absorb as much as they can.
  6. Decisiveness:  displays order in chaos - While you should listen to others' opinions, the final decision is yours to make. Brennan said when CEOs fail, very often it's because they are not decisive. Average tenure for a CEO has fallen from more than a decade to three years because people lose confidence in leaders whose indecision results in failure.
  7. Confident about his own abilities - Instills confidence
  8. Passionate
  9. Strives to be the best - They do not want to be second or third best. They maintain high standards in their work and inspire others to do the same.
  10. Think analytically
  11. Calm and composed in the face of uncertainty


How do you develop a constitution with these items


Being vs Doing



Notes:  All the elements of a cake are mixed in a bowl but no oven.  If you haven't been put under the heat of suffering you aren't done.  You're still doing.

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