Understanding The World Of Google - Part 1
In articles to come, I will spend more time on some of Google's key product offerings as well as listing some pros and cons related to business-use. I thought it appropriate to start with a little history and a time line of Google's journey.

Founded in September 1998, Google is now more than a search engine – way more. Google's very first press release came in June of 1999 with background info on their founding partners and some brief statistical data proving Google's new found success – a growth rate of 50% since inception!! Well, with a company mission statement boldly proclaiming to “organize the world's information, making it universally accessible and useful” Google was destined for greatness.

I've listed Google's major milestones (as I see them) below. Even at a glance, you can see on how many fronts Google is pushing. With clear focus in so many areas, it's no wonder why Google is enjoying worldwide success.


·         Google became the worlds largest search engine with over 1 billion searchable websites.

·         Google self-service advertising kicks off with 350 customers. 

·         The Google search toolbar is released.


·         Google acquires a discussion group with an archive of 500 million discussions dating back to 1995, adding search/browse features. Google named the "new" service "Google Groups."

·         Google's searchable index rises from 1 billion in the year 2000 to 3 billion searchable websites.


·         Google adds cost-per-click pricing to their advertising program, AdWords.

·         Google partners with AOL, reaching 34 million customers.

·         Google Labs releases beta technology from the R&D team.

·         Google News launches with 4,000 news sources.


·         Blogger is acquired.

·         Launch of what is now called "Google Book Search."


·         Google's searchable index rises to 8 billion searchable items. 

·         Introduction of Google Local.

·         Google Desktop Search is released for download.


·         Searchable images reach 1.1 billion.

·         Google Maps goes live.

·         Unveiling of Google Earth.

·         Google Talk, a downloadable IM platform is launched. 

·         Google Analytics is released.

·         Gmail is released in beta.


·         Introduction of Picasa and Picasa Web Albums.

·         Beginnings of Google Docs and Google Calendar, called Apps for Your Domain.

·         Google Checkout is completed.

·         Free citywide WiFi in Mountain View.

·         YouTube is acquired.

·         Patent Search indexes more than 7 million patents dating back to 1790.


·         Google Apps Premier gets in public view.

·         Google Maps gets the number one spot on the original Apple iPhone.

·         Postini is acquired.


·         Google puts in a bid for the 700MHz spectrum auction (we'll see more about open wireless coming very soon).

·         Google Sites gets its debut.

·         DoubleClick is acquired.

·         Google Site Search is available for non-Google domains.

·         Google's searchable index has secretly risen to over 1 trillion searchable web sites (remember, this does NOT include all the pages inside each web site!).

·         Google Chrome is released.

·         T-Moble released  the G1 - the first smartphone built on the Android operating system.


·         Google Latitude is intruduced.

·         Google Voice released to Grand Central users.

·         GmailGoogle CalendarGoogle Docs and Google Talk are out of Beta.



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