Use blogging to keep up with mobile workforce

Blogging Becomes A Tool

Communication is Key! OK, OK – I know we’ve all heard that before. It is true, and while communication works differently for every company, it is always a requirement for a healthy company. Communication is the critical component in daily processes, in training, and a large part of a company’s growth as a team. Recently we discovered a problem in our daily routine: how can our sales force, which spends a considerable amount of time out of the office, maintain productive and efficient communication with management for coaching, training, and tracking? I’ll tell you that endless meetings are NOT the answer, and forms and paperwork just don’t cut it! So...What is the answer?

Blogging! Every great sales appointment must begin with a clear focus. Likewise the appointment in order to be most effective needs a focused post-sales evaluation. The common tools of today's sales force, a wireless card and a laptop, are all it takes to conduct a post-sales evaluation in a format that can result in further training, tracking, and even archiving of important information. Blogs can be created in a secure environment, keeping all information visible only to those to whom you have granted access. Sales managers can view the blogs from anywhere in the world, making comments and asking questions related to the sales appointment.

This kind of interaction brings the possibility of further training and encouragement to every sales call! Not only will all the details of each sales opportunity be recorded moments after the fact, important information and details of the opportunity will be archived! Blogs can even have tags attached to them to allow in-depth searching as well as the text of the blogs themselves can be searched. How would you like the ability to remember the name of that product that customer mentioned a few weeks back? Search for that customer's name in your blog! Go back to that day's postings! All the info you want might be just a few clicks away.

Imagine the training opportunities with every sales call, every visit tracked, details of every customer interaction archived and searchable, while still being available from any computer or mobile device worldwide. The cherry on top is that it’s free. There are hundreds blog sites you can visit were you can set up a blog at no cost. Blogging is only the beginning of the collaborative working environment that will soon power the most successful organizations of tomorrow.

Jesse Spencer