Who is Jesse Spencer?

Who is Jesse Spencer?


So, who is Jesse Spencer, anyway?


I've been infatuated with business for my whole life. As far back as I can remember, I was always scheming up ways to make money. I suppose it's in my blood - my dad is a schemer and his dad takes the cake! My grandpa always had some business going - selling graveyard plots, working in his grocery store, opening up and running his own fresh Florida produce fruit stand…now that he's "retired" he's always got some new scheme he's putting his energy into. Well, all of that has certainly trickled down the family tree. I remember making zero profits painting my neighbor's sparkly white rocks for resale when I was just a child. However, I had a much more profitable experience in my pre-10's with door to door sales; I acquired a large quantity of nice fresh tomatoes for resale - and who wouldn't buy from a sweet little kid knocking at the door? I suppose my "supplier" gave me a recommended retail price, because I sure didn't know what a tomato was worth, but I sold the whole lot! I came home euphoric - "Look at all the money I made selling tomatoes!" My world was soon to come crashing down. My supplier actually demanded that I turn over a large portion of the profits! I had to give back some of my hard earned cash! That's when I learned my first lesson in business economics. After a quick count of my cash on hand, I realized that my supplier hadn't demanded the whole sum of what I'd made, so figured I came out ahead in the end. And I suppose I did - that lesson stuck with me and I was hopelessly hooked on "business." By high school I had come up with a few notebooks full of my greatest and best-schemed business ideas. I would analyze all the costs and figure up all the profits. The ones that worked on paper I pursued in real life - and I think one of those ventures may have actually worked, or maybe that was just on paper… I found the scheming and dreaming almost as enjoyable as the real thing.

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1. Corbin wrote:
Great to know a little more about you! Look forward to learning more!

Tue, May 5, 2009 @ 5:43 PM

2. Bev wrote:
I really enjoyed your blog, it was so informative. I hope later you can discuss your beautiful family.

I also am going to order the book that was discussed. Keep the information coming.

Thu, May 21, 2009 @ 1:14 PM

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