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Diverse CTI was excited to announce the hiring of Mason Bailey to the position of Technical Engineer and Special Projects Coordinator. Mason has been in the telecommunications and IT sector for over 15 years and expressed excitement about becoming part of the team at Diverse CTI. Josh Cochran the president of Diverse CTI noted, “Due to contunuing growth in the telecommunication and IT solutions industry that we have had, Diverse CTI has really needed someone to coordinate our projects and support our consultants in the field. Mason is the perfect fit for this need because he has the hands on, in-the-field experience to manage these projects. When he talks, people listen because he has the real-world experience to back what he says. Besides that, Mason is a genuine individual. He connects very well with people and sets them at ease instantly and that is what we are all about at Diverse CTI. The relationship with the customer is the most important thing. We are so excited to have him aboard!”