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Recently I have been reading the book Good to Great by Jim Collins. One of the principles that he puts forth in his book is that leaders waste a lot of time getting the company pointed in the right direction while not paying enough attention to who is on the bus. I have really been struck with the importance of this and how it somehow seems off. But checking with my experience I realize how right it is. Many times throughout our company history we have been so wrapped up in where the company is going that we have lost track of the fact that we have some people on the ‘bus’ that don’t belong. Jim goes on to say that if you stop the bus and take some time getting the right people on you don’t have to worry so much about where to go. When you have the right people on the bus they spontaneously help direct it where it needs to go. A great leader knows how to rely on his team to help lead the company in the right direction. Sometimes it’s good to pull over and check with everyone on board and get clear about the destination.