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Time and time again, especially since I am in the technology sector, I have felt the feeling of being swept away in the deluge of the new developments out there. Whether in technology or in business practices themselves I have experienced the overwhelming and daunting feelings of staying competitive in the marketplace. In no group of people is this truer than with entrepreneurs and SMB owners. We are constantly striving to improve and better ourselves and our businesses and maintain the competitive edges that we have developed.

All of us have our natural areas of expertise and training, the areas of business that we are naturally good at. Just as true, we also have the areas that we are not as good at or simply aren’t educated in. In those area’s especially it can be quite frustrating knowing where to start and how to proceed. All the while we know that someone, somewhere out there is doing the same thing we are, trying to do it faster, better, cheaper. Sometimes it can be a lot of pressure.

However, recently as I have been blogging and writing more than I ever have before, I stopped to realize how much the internet has become a resource for me. Researching and reading other people’s blogs and articles has begun to take up a much larger part of my daily routine than it has before. Reading and learning should be something that we are doing every day. But part of what we are reading can be live, relevant, and up to the minute by simply subscribing to blogs and articles that we are interested in.

A great way to start is to spend a little time every day following up on authors of books or articles that you like or have impressed you. How about industry websites or associations that you belong to? Many times they may have an expert that is writing articles and blogging with information that is relevant to your business. This can be a great resource in educating yourself about trends in your business or new technology that could help your business. I encourage you to take some time to do some research. Many times you will discover that thing that has been worrying you so much… isn’t all that difficult to accomplish!