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As a person, the best tool we have is our mind and as I talked about last time we need to be constantly sharpening our mind. It is the tool that shapes and directs everything we do. One of the many practices that I have developed over the years is constantly asking myself questions that will sharpen my mind.

A good way to form a sharpening question is to base it on a value or principle. One of my favorites is – You don’t know, what you don’t know. This inevitably leads me to the question of – What do I not know?

This is a great question! But it lacks its sharpening power if it isn’t asked in the right context. Asking a question like this in a general way doesn’t give you direction. Your sharpening questions are best applied in a way or in a situation that will give you some direction. I always ask myself this question when I am up against an impossible situation. Or maybe when I need to grow my business. Or when I need to find a way to do something in a better, more efficient way.

When I ask myself a sharpening question in the proper way I can’t help but commit to finding the answer. Finding the answer can many times be a painful process. Most of the time the pain is simply the time and effort it will take to find my answer.

The nice thing about the process of sharpening your mind is that although your mind can dull over time, the process of sharpening yields experience. Experience is invaluable. You can’t lose it. And that makes it one of the best investments in the world.

The more sharpening questions you ask yourself the easier the process of finding answers becomes. You will develop resources and methods that are priceless. Get into this habit. And fight the fear and apathy that will inevitably follow a good sharpening question!