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You know one of the most awesome things about technology is that it is always progressing! That is one of the biggest reasons I like it so much.

Because it is always changing, morphing, and progressing, it is constantly challenging us to progress with it. Technology is constantly changing the way we interact and accomplish the day to day human things we do. And that is why I LOVE MY JOB!!!

I really enjoy getting to apply the changes and updates in technology to the way businesses communicate and interact. Being able to take new technology and discover how it can affect the way we do business is certainly a rewarding experience, but just implementing technology isn’t the goal. It needs to improve what we do in an impactful way. Do you see the woman in the picture? She understands the technology, but doesn’t know how to apply it!

For that reason it is important when you are applying a technology to a business, to understand that business and the way it works extremely well. Not just what they sell or how many employees it has, but what the business processes they use are. How do they interact with their customers? Where do the majority of their sales come from? What is the demographic of their customer base?

All of these questions and more are what create a good plan of implementation for apply new technology. If you don’t take into consideration these important factors you can wind up hurting the way a business operates instead of enhancing it.