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As entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and even managers we need to be constantly reviewing our product to make sure our customers can understand what the product does and how it applies to them. This is definitely one of the more overlooked principles in business. Many times as a company we get comfortable with our products, explanations, and marketing material and we think that our presentations make sense to our potential customers. After doing many presentations and demos we often have a mindset that our audience gets it. But personally, I think I get too comfortable in that mindset.

Several months ago I was looking at a product with another project coordinator. This product has been in our company for years and yet we realized that our presentation was no longer creating value or even explaining its goal and purpose well. This has led us to re-create an entirely new presentation of the product with a completely new set of goals for our customers. It has even led to changing our processes of installation and our procedures.

This realization is a key one in business. We have to make sure that our customers really are seeing the value and be careful not to deceive ourselves into thinking they do. This journey of revamping and re-tooling caused me even to go back an look at our more recent presentations and product and review them. I have realized on the products and services we sell more of, we do a good job of making sure they are up to date and relevant. However, the product and services haven’t sold in a while don’t always get the attention they deserve.

I saw this silly product in the above picture and thought it was a good example of how simple, but effective our presentations need to be.

  1. Above all the customer needs to be able to understand the purpose of the product or service.
  2. The customer needs to be able to understand how it applies to their business
  3. Then they need to see they have a need for it.

I am sure other authors and bloggers more intelligent and experienced than me have put it better. But at the core, I believe these three principles are the guide to effective presentations of our products and services.