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This morning at the Inc. Collective meeting I was reminded of a couple things related to the topic we are covering – Business Development. This topic is definitely one of my central passions and I wanted to blog a bit about some of the ideas and thoughts that spur and motivate me to work on business development.

Succeed on Purpose:

You need a plan! Very few people are successful by accident. Maybe the guys who gets lucky playing the lotto or the friend of a friend who got in on a great stock at just the right time. But wherever those guys are, there are other people behind the scenes who are successful on purpose. They have a plan to succeed and they are following that plan.

However it happens, though, somewhere along the way we get derailed from our plan. Usually, in my experience, it’s because I just have a loose outline of a plan in my head. Often I don’t take the time to put that plan on paper. To move that plan from the world of thought into a physical reality is of paramount importance. We could talk for hours about why it makes a difference, but I think it mostly boils down to this: Accountability. Once you have something down on paper you can be accountable to it. At this point, you can start critiquing it and creating processes by which you will accomplish the plan. This process is a deep mine of business gems that I won’t get into now!

Questions I Ask Myself:

I find myself asking myself questions all the time that keep me focused on business development. The reason? The biggest roadblock to development is… drum roll… ME. Keeping an open mind in order to receive the ideas and coaching we all need is crucial to our success. Many times I am just not open. I don’t even realize it. And the reason I am not open is simply because… I am not paying attention. I’m engrossed in my business duties.

Someone once said, “Don’t work IN your business, work ON your business.” True dat! So many times I catch my self-working in my business and not ON it. As a result, I am blinded to the need to develop some aspect of my business further. So… I have developed a habit of asking myself these sorts of questions to help remind me to open my mind.

  • There are people out there who are more successful and more profitable than I am, right? ANSWER: yes – Why?
  • Are they smarter or more intelligent than you? ANSWER: Well some are but not all… so, No in an overall sense.
  • Then do they know something that you don’t? ANSWER: Yes

Andy Andrews in the Seven Decisions brings out the point that our BEST decisions have resulted in where we are now. The reasoning is that we don’t try to make BAD decisions. We try to make the best decisions we can. So if that is the case then we always need to be improving our thinking in order to be constantly moving forward and developing.