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After months of drama stemming from flaky review units and questionable design choices, Samsung is finally ready to sell Galaxy Fold in the US. Assuming you have $1,980 at the ready, you can claim your own foldable on September 27th from either AT&T (in case you’re already a subscriber) or from Best Buy or Samsung retail locations (which sell unlocked and AT&T models.) As always, though, we’re left with one significant question: Should you actually buy one of these things?

Well, it really depends on how strongly you trust Samsung. When the Fold launched in Korea and parts of Europe earlier this month, Samsung provided customers with what it calls “Premier Service,” which includes one-on-one help getting started with the Fold and its accessories, plus “direct access to Samsung experts” for 24/7 guidance and support. That’s helpful, and helps make the Fold’s cost just a little more palatable, but the real deciding factors are the physical fixes Samsung made to its first foldable.



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