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HIPAA Compliance

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HIPAA Compliance can be a confusing topic. In an industry that is constantly adopting new technologies to help meet the demand of efficiently serving their patients, HIPAA will always evolve to meet these needs. We help businesses in the healthcare industry hit the moving target of HIPAA Compliance and maintain that compliance over time.

HIPAA enforcement has increased 400%

Don’t get caught off guard!

Mandatory Annual Audits

There are six mandatory, annual audits that include risk analysis, staff trainings, internal audits and performing documentation checks.


Security Risk Assessment


Privacy Assessment


HITECH Subtitle D Audit


Security Standards Audit


Asset and Device Audit


Physical Site Audit

You NEED to be HIPAA compliant

An effective HIPAA solution MUST include the following.


Mandatory Audits

Does the solution you’re considering have mechanisms for conducting and completing ALL SIX mandatory annual HIPAA audits?


Remediation Planning

Conducting a Risk Assessment alone is not enough–your solution needs to have a means of addressing your risk with dedicated remediation plans.


Policies and Procedures

Does the solution you’re considering include the required administrative, privacy and security policies and procedures?


Employee Training and Attestation

Will you be able to train your employees AND retain documented employee attestation?


Business Associate Vendor Management

Did you know that HIPAA requires you to execute a Business Associate Agreement with all of your vendors BEFORE you share health information?


Incident Management

Does the solution you’re considering give you the ability to capture, track and report incidents?

HIPAA Verified Partner

Don’t trust your business to someone who isn’t verified to be HIPAA compliant themselves.

Total Compliance

Working with us will allow you to achieve compliance, but we also provide the tools for you to illustrate your compliance and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure you maintain your compliance.

Achieve Compliance

  • Compliance Coaching
  • Guided Process
  • 5 to 8, 30 min training sessions

Illustrate Compliance

  • Reports
  • Ongoing Audits
  • Seal of Compliance

Maintain Compliance

  • Confidence in Compliance
  • Risk Assessments
  • Culture of Compliance
  • Protect your reputation

Diverse CTI is at the forefront of the ever-changing HIPAA compliance landscape. We bring a level of understanding and experience not many can match. Along with that expertise, we also bring the best of industry tools and methods which allows us to almost guarantee HIPAA compliance – all while making the process virtually pain free!

What We Provide

  • Compliance Support for your entire business
  • Compliance Coaches – to coordinate and support through the entire process
  • Ongoing Support – HIPAA Hotline, Email, chat or call
  • Online web portal – HIPAA management tool
  • All HIPAA required Audits, Assessments and Remediation plans
  • Privacy and Security Policy & Procedures
  • HIPAA, Fraud Waste & Abuse training
  • Employee Training and Attestation Management
  • Business Associate Audits and Management
  • Incident Management
  • Full Reporting and Document version control
  • Seal of Compliance – including validation certificate, report and Logo for use on websites or printed material
  • Audit Response Program

Don't Wait. Let our team help you become HIPAA Compliant Today!

No client has EVER failed an OCR or CMS audit.

Diverse CTI can help you develop a strong and thorough plan of action to meet each of these audits with confidence. We will work with you to develop an individualized risk assessment meant to get you HIPAA compliant and keep you that way. This risk assessment is vital to effectively meet the standards upheld by the HIPAA Rules. We are passionate about your peace of mind and success in becoming and remaining HIPAA compliant.