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Managed IT Services

Flat Rate. Unlimited Service. Skilled Expert Help.

Break Free From Traditional IT

Traditional IT support just doesn’t work. It is expensive and inconvenient to your business and employees. Are you tired of an expensive bill from your IT team for a fix only to have it break again a short time later? Our managed services program eliminates the problems of traditional IT and helps you serve your clients better than ever.


Want to put a fixed cost on your daily technology needs?
Our TotalCare managed services are your solution!

As more than a vendor, we partner with our clients and provide a proactive approach to keep your business running smoothly.

Technology Partner

We are focused on creating a seamless business experience. Our team becomes just like your in house IT department, understanding your business and responding proactively to your needs and business goals.

Team of Experts

Our team members are industry experts with technology degrees, certifications, and decades of experience doing what we do! We want to create a no worries, simple technology experience that fades into the background as you work, so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

Unlimited Service

Tired of hourly billing and checking every bill to make sure it is legitimate? Our managed services are unlimited with a flat monthly cost. This makes IT easy and stress free.


Tired of going down? Frustrated with the constant fight with your technology? Using our IT strategies, downtime becomes a thing of the past. Our solid, reliable approach keeps your employees working and your business running smoothly, day in and day out.

IT is the very backbone of business.

Because of that, proactive and responsive support is a must.


Integrated Response Intelligence System

Our powerful suite of monitoring and remote management tools provide our team of experts the best way to deliver solutions and support in real time.

Update Management

All software applications need to be updated constantly to remain secure and up to date. We not only keep you updated, but we can also manage and test those updates so that we minimize downtime.

24/7 Monitoring

To stay ahead of problems and remain proactive, you need to be watching constantly. Our unique IRIS platform allows us to know about problems and issues in real time and even predict them before they happen.

Support Team

Our local team of experts will take care of you and your company with the highest attention to detail. We want to be your technology partner and hope you come to see our team as part of your company.


The days of innocent and carefree internet usage are gone and you need to keep your business and client information secure. Our sophisticated and robust security solutions provide a multi-layered approach that keeps your business safe.

Layered Approach

Our approach to information security is one that includes many layers. While there is no silver bullet for IT security, our layered approach employs multiple layers of hardened security creating a moving target that is extremely difficult to penetrate.

Tailored Solutions

No solution is a fit for everyone. Certain industries need different things. Our solutions are scaleable and can be tailored to fit any business. We even specialize in solutions for environments that require compliance such as HIPAA and PCI.

Intrusion Prevention

IPS examines firewall traffic at the lowest level to identify known threats by matching traffic patterns to a comprehensive and continuously updated signature database. If a threat is identified, our solution takes action based on set policies to either block or notify the administrator.

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